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Casa das Natas at The Troyeville


It is well known that South Africa has a large Portuguese community and through the years South African’s have embraced and come to love the culture as well as the cuisine.

The former ‘Flamingo Room’ has been transformed into a Casa Das Nata, serving a variety of freshly baked pasteis de nata and a range of delicious coffees.

Portuguese delights include delicious Natas:

Traditional Lisbon Nata – The authentic Portuguese caramelised custard tart – baked fresh every day – the Lisbon way!

Happy berry Nata – Our classic nata with delicious homemade mixed berry jam filling

Apple Cinnamon – Cinn-fully tasty: filled with a touch of sweet Granny Smith apples & cinnamon jam

Decadent Chocolate – Simply loaded with rich, smooth hazelnut chocolate.

Mint Chocolate – Luxurious infused with dark Lindt Mint chocolate.

Orange Chocolate – Moreishly a-peeling: brimming with creamy, aromatic Lindt Orange chocolate.

Chilli Chocolate – Bursting with chocolate spiked with a hint of chilli, to fire up your zest for life!

Vegan-ata – The classic nata taste, but seriously dairy & egg free.

Chocolate Vegan-ata – Vega friendly chocolate added to our Vegan-ata nata.

Furthermore, our bakery sells freshly baked Portuguese rolls.

*Casa das Natas at The Troyeville is Halaal Certified*

The Troyeville Truck

Did you know

The Troyeville has extended our offering to outside events and catering. 

Let our The Troyeville Truck, with its fully operational kitchen come to your home, office, outdoor event for catering.
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